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The poor choices you make can affect you

5/8/14 by j0hnny

I have made poor choices. Online and off. These can affect you. They can make or break you. Even if you try to make up for the stuff you do later on, it can still have consequences. Because of my own mistakes, the Internet lines have crossed over into my offline life. My parents house was called, my brother was facebooked, and I was constantly harrassed from site to site to site. This is not to say I didn't deserve it but it was a bit of overkill. Despite what I have done to others, I never have crossed that line. The line of trying to ruin someone's life off the Internet. It was a bit of a shock when that happened. I will not say I'm innocent. When I can I do try to be a good person. I have done shitty things to people. Who hasn't? In the end though whatever little I do have in my life, I don't want to compromise it. To all I have hurt, offended, annoyed, etc. I am sorry. So if that means nothing to you and you still wish to make my life hell by trolling me here, on other sites, upsetting my family by calling their house, making up really horrible untrue rumors and libeling me, and whatever other things you feel like doing to try to destroy me, I won't fight back. Two wrongs can never make a right. I'm sick of all this and I just want it all to go away. The only way I know I can fight back is to ignore it and hope the people get bored of making my life hell and instead focusing on making their own lives better.


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I've been careful for so long, I forgot what it must be like... I got reminded of it recently, while listening to NPR. A guy's wife got murdered while he was at work, and one of his workmates black balled him in every community BBS she could find, under many aliases (essentially talking to herself). He had to leave the State to find work, because rumors spread fast in smaller towns :\ Women (and some butt hurt men) have nothing better to do, than to wreck someone's life in the digital landscape, which is awfully interconnected to real life these days |: Whatever happened to, "I read it on the internet, it must be true." sarcasm and healthy skepticism, of the late 20th century?!

The woman was successfully sued for damages to this poor guy, but she'll never pay up. She's still a bitter crazy person. The guy moved back home, and all his former friends and acquaintances, are back to being friendly again |:

That's sad to hear. I hope your life gets much better from here. You seem pretty down. Don't let all those people get to your head man. You seem like a pretty nice guy from what I see on the NG chat. You can also report people for calling your household and threatening or harassing you or your family. That's ridiculous.



who what where now?



Agreed. We all do stupidthings, and even though someone does worse things than others I think they should be forgiven if they give a wholehearted apology and shows that they know that what they did was wrong. The internet is a place full of idiots though, so most people enjoy messing up others peoples life and just want an excuse to do so.
Hope you get everything sorted :/.